3rd Royalty

$115.00 USD - $160.00 USD

Princess 613 frontal

Image of Princess 613 frontal

13x6 Frontal
Welcome to the palace, where all your frontals and closure are made by hand! Remember when ordering your frontals and closures, that it will take 6 days to be custom made. We insure that it is well worth the wait. Quality guaranteed. Easily achieve a natural look, while protecting your natural hair! Our Virgin hair Lace Frontal is available for all your hair needs, which extend from ear to ear. Our frontals are expertly crafted with a low density, which prevents that "wiggy" look. Made with lace, this frontal piece is unparted which allows for versatile parting and styling. Frontal can be sewn along hairline for an undetectable full weave. Looking for a frontal with even more added styling flexibility? 3rd Royalty Frontal is for you !